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Start watering the turf straight after it has been laid, ensuring that the turf and the soil beneath has been soaked. For example 50sq metres needs a minimum of one hour of watering per day more if poor water pressure. This should be kept up every day for two to three weeks depending on what time of the year it is. During the hottest summer weather, it is recommended to water your new lawn morning and night when the sun is not at its hottest as this could cause scorching of the grass.

Aftercare advice

Before mowing do not water 24 hours beforehand allowing the lawn to dry out. This will ensure a clean cut without leaving any muddy footprints in your lawn. Resist the temptation to make the initial cut until your new lawn has rooted. This can be checked easily by lifting a corner to see if the roots are attached to the soil below - normally within 2-3 weeks. For the first mowings, set the lawn mower to its highest setting to avoid stressing the grass. Mow regularly, each time removing no more than one-third of the grass height. When the lawn is fully established, the height of cut can be reduced gradually to an optimum height of between 20mm to 40mm. Take care to avoid scalping.  Please ensure that your lawn mower blade is kept sharp as a blunt blade can damage and bruise grass resulting in your lawn becoming patchy.

Mowing your grass

Your lawn should be weed treated every four to eight weeks during the growing season this is important to keep your lawn weed free. If you do not do this, weeds can take over your grass resulting in irreparable damage to your lawn. There are many different weed treatment brands on the market and it is essential to follow the instructions to the letter.


Please remember that grass is a living plant and should be cared for and nurtured from the moment the turf is laid and throughout the lawn's life. This will maintain a healthy-looking, long-lasting lawn for you to enjoy for now and years to come.

Weed treatment

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